Complex Care Case Coordinator Program

Under the Ministry of Child and Youth Services, SLFNHA is funded for two Complex Care Case Coordinator positions,.  The Complex Care Case Coordinator Program provides intensive case management and coordination for complex special needs children and youth up to the age of 18 years. These children may present with complex/multiple needs (physical and mental and challenges) that require services that are not normally provided by a children’s mental health program.  These children and youth fit the definition of special needs when they require services beyond the family’s capacity.

Services include advocacy for services, support, case management, intake, assessment of client needs, development of a case plan, development of a case resolution plan, long-term planning for client care,  coordination and determination of service providers,

Counsellors, schools, community healthcare workers, nurses, physicians and other service providers can make the referrals for service.

The Complex Care Case Coordinators travel into First Nations communities under the Sioux Lookout First Nations Health Authority for service delivery, as well support and case management is provided via telephone, email and telehealth. 

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Susan Chapman
Developmental Disabillities / Telemedicine Supervisor
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