Mission Statement

Sioux Lookout First Nations Health Authority (SLFNHA) is dedicated to providing services, advocacy and leadership in the health of Anishinabe people across the Sioux Lookout region.


We value, respect, and work to protect:

  • Anishinabe teachings of love, courage, respect, wisdom, truth, honesty, and humility
  • Being agents of change in the First Nations health care system;
  • Re-powering individuals and communities to regain the rightful power over their health;
  • Individual, family, community beliefs and traditions;
  • Strengthening partnerships; and
  • Our Treaty rights to health care.


SLFNHA is recognized as the regional health authority for First Nations in the Sioux Lookout region that ensures equal and appropriate access to health care grounded in Anishinabe ways. We have earned this reputation by:

  • Playing a regional coordinating role. There are strong defined working relationships & partnerships with all communities;
  • Establishing the Approaches to Community Wellbeing model in the communities resulting in better health promotion and prevention;
  • Making mental health more accessible: shorter waiting lists, more counsellors, a system of care that meets the clients’ needs;
  • Promoting greater awareness & education of what SLFNHA does… with consultation and communication at the community level;
  • Implementing a HR strategy that increases First Nations health care professionals and well trained community-based care workers;
  • Advocating for change at a broader level;

Leading to measurable improvements in the health status and outcomes of individuals and communities.