Strategic Planning

Community Ownership

Focus on determining community-based health care needs and aspirations and developing long-term community relationships.  The following initiatives will guide our work:

  • Communication Strategy – Share the strategic plan for community input and feedback.
  • Kanawenimitisoowin – Develop a community engagement process to learn about the community health care needs and goals.
  • Community Relations – Connect and collaborate on a long-term continuous basis with communities with the aim of facilitating a sense of ownership

Health Transformation

Focus on Anishinabe control and authority to develop and enhance services guided by Anishinabe ways of knowing. The following initiatives will guide our work:

  • Anishinabe control of health programs and services (ie. Non-Insured Health Benefits) – Acquire the needed decision-making, control and authority in order to bring services “closer to home”.
  • Building Culturally-Informed Services – Develop a healthcare service standard to meet the Anishinabe practices and principles of our communities.
  • Healthcare Professionals from and in the Community – Develop partnerships to educate, recruit, and mentor community members to meet their healthcare needs.
  • Develop a Health Transformation plan, which will include an implementation plan that identifies how to work in collaboration with partners.

Service Experience

Focus on supporting community members to provide operational feedback to the organization for continuous improvement. The following initiatives will guide our work:

  • Client Experience & Service Improvement Process – Capture, document, and classify the clients’ experiences with our health care services with a rapid follow up communication process with clients for the purpose of improving service delivery.
  • Patient Advocacy – Build a robust patient advocacy framework to ensure responsive liaison between patients, families, and health care teams.
  • Integrated Service Delivery – As part of the regional alignment, a review of the SLFNHA service delivery models will be completed with the goal of providing streamlined and seamless services.