Safe Communities

Safe Communities looks at how the community can be safer for community members to live in.  Safe Communities looks at how the overall environment of the community influences health.  It will also look at how injuries within the communities can be prevented.  Finally it will support communities to be prepared for emergencies affecting community wellbeing.

Environmental Concerns

This program area will look at environmental concerns that affect the wellbeing of the communities.  This will include safe drinking water, food safety, and various health hazards including environmental contaminants, mould, bed bugs, scabies, sewage, land development, air quality, and dog bites.  The program will provide health education around these areas and capacity building of personnel and community members, as well as inspections and recommendations for improvement.

Preventing Injuries

This area will focus on road safety, water safety, fire safety, falls prevention, suicide and self-harm prevention, and sport and recreation injury prevention.  These areas can be targeted through policy development and health promotion.

Emergency Preparedness

SLFNHA staff will support communities in developing plans, building capacity, and responding to emergencies related to community wellbeing, such as environmental concerns or infectious diseases outbreaks.