Community Wellbeing Nursing

The Community Wellbeing Nursing program provides public health nursing to enhance ISC, Tribal Council, or community nursing. Mobile nurses support the 31 communities on a casual basis and the Community-based nurses provide part-time support for 10 communities. Community Wellbeing Nursing flows funding for two First Nation communities to receive a part-time nurse.  a Community Wellbeing Nurse steps foot into the community, they not only work within the 4 walls of a nursing station, but they immerse themselves in community events, visiting households and schools. Nurses focus on bridging the gap of health inequities through listening and conversation, cultural knowledge, and traditional teachings by building new and ongoing relationships. We aim to collaborate with community partners to deliver a wholistic nursing approach that is responsive to the needs of the clients and the communities they are serving. With flexible Nursing staff, they are ready to respond to urgent needs on short notice for 31 communities.  


  • Immunization promotion and clinics
  • Diabetes prevention and education
  • Cancer screening (PAP, FIT, and Breast)
  • Tuberculosis and COVID-19 case and contact management support
  • School visits
  • Home visits
  • Health promotion
  • Hosting community events and activities