Chief’s Council of Health

The Chiefs Council on Health (CCOH) was formed in March 2004 (Resolution 04/46) by the Sioux Lookout Zone Chiefs. The original tasks for the CCOH included, but were not limited to, the following:

  • Lobby to safeguard current and seek additional resources for community health programs and services.
  • Implementation of the draft Sioux Lookout Zone Medical Transportation Policy.
  • Secure resources for a new hostel
    Accelerate the Hospital Reinvestment Funds for the First Nations.
  • Guide and direct the process on the current health initiatives.
  • Facilitate and improve communication amongst First Nation communities, organizations and service providers.

In 2006, the Sioux Lookout Zone Chiefs expanded the mandate of the CCOH (Resolution 06/08) for the committee to provide oversight on activities carried out by SLFNHA as per the Anishinaabe Health Plan implementation including the construction of the new hostel.

At that time, the CCOH was also asked to continue to lobby for resources to fill the gaps in health services for First Nations members, monitor issues relating to Non-Insured Health Benefits.