Travel Advisory Legend

Travel Advisory Explanation:

Colour Code Explanation:

The province of Ontario has implemented a colour coded system with 5 colours corresponding with stages of reopening. The colours indicate what precautions need to be in place including limits on gathering sizes, what practices businesses and workplaces need in place, and what businesses and workplaces can be open. These stages were determined with public health, economic, and other factors in mind.


The SLFNHA colour system has 3 colours and was designed as a travel advisory for the risk associated with visiting key service hubs in our region. It was designed only with public health risk in mind, and as a way to support communities in decisions about essential and non-essential travel and the entry requirements they may put in place for their communities. It aligns with the Public Health Guidance on Travel Restrictions for Safe Pathways to and from Communities for Care document that was drafted July 2020. Since it is for a different purpose and also designed specifically for the SLFNHA communities, it is more cautious to ensure that there is an effective firewall maintained between the communities and the external hubs.