Training & Certification

Training & Certification

In February 2016, Community Health Representatives (CHRs) and Aboriginal Diabetes Initiative (ADI) workers gathered in Sioux Lookout for a three-day hands-on training program in Treatment Plan Support. Treatment plan support had been identified by community health leaders as one of three key priorities.

A customized training plan was developed, and a tool developed that the CHWs could use when meeting with clients, either at home or in the clinic.

CHWs learned in hands-on exercises how to measure blood pressure, blood glucose, do quick foot checks and check medications. They record the information in Clinical Assessment Logsheet. The logsheet is used as a communications tool for the clinical team.

CHWs are being certified in communities via observation by a clinician—an RN or an MD. CHWs are directly observed interacting with clients, and their success marked against a standard protocol. Once they pass, CHWs receive a certificate in Treatment Plan Support.

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