Community Readiness Assessment

As the pilot phase of the CHW program concludes in 2017, DI and SLFNHA plan to enhance and expand the program across all 33 First Nations communities in the Sioux Lookout Area. In order to facilitate a phased approach to the expansion, the program team will develop a Community Readiness Assessment tool (CRAt) which will allow communities to determine their own current or future ability to implement the CHW Diabetes program. The CRAt will take into account a number of factors for communities to consider in preparing for implementation of the Program, including:

  • available local (human) resources,
  • level of community interest,
  • impact of diabetes on community well-being,
  • identification of critical gaps in health care infrastructure, and
  • support of leadership and health management.

Based on feedback received through the CRAt, a schedule of phased community implementation of the CHW Diabetes Program in the SLA will be developed, planning for the addition of 3-5 new communities to the Program per year. The Program team will provide guidance for communities who express interest and need support in achieving readiness for starting or enhancing their own CHW Diabetes program.