Research & Special Projects

SLFNHA supports research and special projects that are relevant, meaningful and beneficial to First Nations in the Sioux Lookout area.  We ensure that research is community-driven and reflects the health and research priorities of communities.

SLFNHA has developed many strong relationships and continues to work in collaboration with First Nations communities, Tribal Councils, First Nations organizations, researchers and academic institutions to achieve excellence in First Nations research as well as the development of various projects.



Current Projects

Anishinaabe Bimaadiziwin Research Program

Working in Sioux Lookout and the surrounding First Nations, the Anishinaabe Bimaadiziwin Research Program initiates and collaborates on relevant clinical and community projects, as well as regional and cross-cultural research.


Community Health Worker (CHW) Diabetes Project

Community Health Worker is a catchall term for any layperson working in health care. A CHW is a community health aide that is selected from the community in which they serve. They do not have formal training like clinicians (MDs, RNs, RPNs, etc), but they do have some training, and often work as frontline workers in health care. They frequently act as advocates and as agents of social change. CHWs are used globally for a variety of programs. For more detailed information about CHWs, see our…

Indigenous Youth Futures Partnership

The Youth Futures Project is a research partnership between SLFNHA and Carleton University and also includes youth and community leaders in the Sioux Lookout region along with cultural, economic, family, health and social service organizations in the region.