Mental Health Counsellor Traveling Level1

Mental Health Counsellor Traveling Level 1

Nodin Mental Health Services is a department of Sioux Lookout First Nations Health Authority. It is a resource available to First Nations children, youth, adults, and families from 33 remote northern communities served by SLFNHA. Nodin has several services: intake, counsellors travelling to communities, a crisis response program, community-based children’s mental health and addiction workers, on-call, traditional healing, youth school counsellors, an outpatient mental health service, and also mobile outreach mental health and addiction counsellors who are a part of a Crisis Response and Harm Reduction Mobile Outreach Team for Sioux Lookout.

The Level One (1) Mental Health Counsellor Travelling position is an entry level position for new graduates with little to no experience. The goal for the entry level counsellor is to first receive supportive mentoring from peers and clinical supervisor for a period of time in Sioux Lookout before starting to travel into First Nations communities to provide counselling. Under this mentorship, the new counsellor will gain practical experience with clients and documentation, receive knowledge transfer, and build skills/confidence relevant to counselling in First Nations communities. Once readiness is determined that the counsellor can perform the job effectively, they will commence travelling to First Nations communities to provide counselling.

Salary Range $65,209 to $83,928 per annum

Who can apply:
Persons of First Nations ancestry will be given preference (OHRC, Part II, Special Employment)

Applicants must possess:

  • Minimum level of education required is equivalent to high school graduation and completion of a diploma training program, specific to mental health and social services, at a recognized college.
  • Registration with a recognized professional body and/or to become registered within a year of commencing employment.
  • New graduate with limited to no work experience.
  • Student placements involving mental health counselling experience is preferable and such placements will be considered as work experience.
  • Mentee must project a positive attitude, show an interest in the work, exhibit a willingness and desire to work hard and learn, be mature, be responsive to the guidance and requests by mentors, take initiative and be committed.
  • Have knowledge of different talking therapies (e.g., cognitive behavioral therapy, group therapy, motivational counselling, family systems therapy).
  • Can approach work holistically using a wellness model which highlights and encourages client strengths.
  • Strong set of interpersonal skills to establish and maintain rapport effectively with clients and partners.
  • Asset to have training in assessing risk of suicide, suicide intervention, trauma informed care, substance abuse/addiction, intergenerational trauma, grief, self-harm, psychiatric disorders etc.
  • Ability to work with children, youth, adults and families.

Roles and Responsibilities:

  • Participation in mentoring for time frame deemed as necessary, before starting counselling in First Nations communities.
  • During mentoring, take advantage of the opportunities presented by mentors, be open and responsive to feedback, criticism, and coaching, honour the time given by mentors, actively seek assignments that may be challenging and/or offer greater responsibility, demonstrate willingness to assume responsibility for own professional growth, and negotiate specific workplan learning goals.
  • After mentorship period, extensive travel to First Nations communities to provide counselling, support/guidance, intervention, crisis management, family counselling, group work and case management.
  • Conduct mental health assessments, help clients define goals and develop treatment plans.
  • Assessment of risk factors, clinical management of risk, stabilization, development of safety plans.
  • Develop therapeutic processes to guide clients in the development of skills and strategies for dealing with their problems.
  • Focus sessions on recovery, modification of behaviours or better management of conditions.
  • Evaluate progress of clients on a regular basis and adjust interventions, as necessary.
  • Coordinate care, collaborate and refer to community/regional resources or specialists.
  • Maintain accurate, factual, and objective typewritten records in a timely manner on all aspects of clinical care.
  • Monitor files closely to ensure there is active care, and close inactive files without delay.
  • Protect client confidentiality, secure all records, and maintain integrity of client record.
  • Follow duty to report requirements, as necessary.
  • Lead group therapy sessions and conduct mental wellness workshops.
  • Participate in regular supervision meetings to review all cases/issues, receive education and direction, and for debriefing.
  • Planning community trips/schedules in advance to ensure clients and communities receive services in a timely and effective manner.
  • Participate in ongoing education on mental health issues and team meetings.
  • Develop and deliver presentations and group work in-house as requested.
  • Develop and maintain good working relationships with community-based mental health workers and provide mentoring support.
  • When not travelling, the expectation is to be connecting with their clients in-communities by phone/OTN and also upon request, to also work in the Sioux Lookout based outpatient mental health service.
  • Other duties that may be deemed necessary by immediate Supervisor.

Closing Date: Open to Filled

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