Children Mental Health and Addictions Worker Community Based

Children Mental Health and Addictions Worker Community Based

Under the direction of the Mental Health Clinical Supervisor, the Children’s Mental Health and Addictions Worker will provide clinical assessments, planning, treatment and counselling to children and their families, and consultations regarding community behavioral assessments and intervention will be completed. The primary responsibility is the provision of mental health and addictions counselling services with a wholistic approach for children and their families that is consistent with the vision, mission and core values established by Sioux Lookout First Nations Health Authority and the Anishnawbe Health Plan. The Children’s Mental Health and Addictions Worker is responsible for the coordination of integrated services delivery from the point of referral to discharge for all assigned children, youth and their families receiving agency service.

Salary Range $57,869 to $70,454 per annum

Who can apply:
Persons of First Nations ancestry will be given preference (s.16 (1)CHRA)

Applicants must possess:

  • A minimum two-year Social Work Diploma or Diploma in a related field and/or three years’ experience working in a Social Service field in a First Nation Community.
  • Two or more year’s experience in the provision of counseling services to First Nations children, youth or their families.
  • With a combination of training and work experience with the First Nations people, communities, culture, traditions and teachings.

Roles and Responsibilities:

Under the direction of the Clinical Supervisor, the Children’s Mental Health and Addictions Worker is responsible for:

  • Coordinating and providing counselling, consultation, clinical assessments, therapy and follow-up for all clients in accordance with the agency’s mandate, policies and procedures in a wholistic approach for the entire family and/or caregivers;
  • Coordinating, providing counselling/case management to clients that are experiencing mental health issues; coordinating care with consulting psychiatry and local general practitioners;
  • Administering identified mental health and addiction assessments, providing pre-treatment support services to clients requiring residential treatment, providing counseling and healing to clients;
  • Completing certification in standardized assessment tools;
  • Providing accurate written reports, assessments and appropriate documentation in client files in keeping with the standards and procedures of Sioux Lookout First Nations Health Authority;
  • Making recommendations to the child and family regarding alternative services and other community services and assisting them in linking with these resources;
  • To coordinate and facilitate access to traditional healing and other cultural programming where appropriate;
  • Attending and actively participating in team meetings and treatment conferences consultations in order to facilitate integrated service delivery through consistently sharing information with the team regarding care management;
  • Participating constructively in evaluating Nodin Child & Family Intervention Services and system effectiveness and recommending necessary changes to the Clinical Supervisor as may be required;
  • Completing all necessary performance statistics reports;
  • Participating in client-related interagency meetings and case conferencing consultations;
  • Ensuring the necessary collaboration and case conferencing with Bands and Council, First Nation Communities, Elders, school and related agencies in the provision of services to clients in accordance with the Mental Health Act; ensuring necessary collaboration with community resources and advocacy occurs with, or on behalf of clients
  • Promoting healthy lifestyles within the First Nation communities by information sharing, facilitating liaison activities, agency promotion and other services regarding mental health and addictions
  • Providing education and training to agency and community, community members, Councils and committees regarding behavioral assessment, planning and intervention with respect to individuals, families and groups;
  • Reporting immediately to the Clinical Supervisor incidents or suspicions of physical and sexual abuse and ensure completion of all necessary documentation; Participate in debriefing and supervision on a regular basis; Promote and participating in a healthy respectful work environment; Completing and accurate SLFNHA administration forms (i.e. PO’s, TA’s, Expense Claims & Timesheets)
  • Responding appropriately and in a timely manner to crisis situations involving clients, including assessing and addressing high risk behavior (self-harm, suicide;)
  • Completing and maintaining certification in the Child and Adolescent Functional Assessment Scale (CAFAS) and other relevant Ministry of Children and Youth Services initiatives.

Organizational Responsibilities

  • As a representative of Sioux Lookout First Nation Health Authority, the Employee is responsible for:
  • Reflecting and interpreting the Agency Vision, Mission and Core Values in his/her own work with enthusiasm and commitment;
  • Acting in accordance with relevant legislation and Agency Policies, Standards and Procedures;
  • Proposing changes within Sioux Lookout First Nations Health Authority that would improve the quality of service to First Nations children, families and communities;
  • Developing and maintaining respectful, cooperative working relationships to contribute to the integrated, seamless delivery of services to First Nation children, families and communities;
  • Understanding his/her role and responsibility in maintaining a safe workplace and reducing workplace injuries;
  • Applying First Nations culture, values, traditions and teachings into programming where possible;
  • Ensuring accuracy, confidentiality and safekeeping of agency records;
  • Participating constructively in the supervision process with the immediate Supervisor.

Closing Date: Open to Filled

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