Airport Interpreter (Ref #2023-41)

Under the supervision of the Team Leader, the Airport Clerk/Interpreter is responsible for providing personal, travel-related and interpretive assistance to all CSD clients while they are at the Sioux Lookout Airport

Applicants must possess:

  • Persons of First Nations ancestry will be given preference (OHRC, Part II, Special Employment)
  • Fluent in one of the languages of the First Nations of the Sioux Lookout District and able to interpret effectively between English and the language a must.
  • The ability to perform the requirements of the position on a regular basis.
  • Excellent interpersonal and communications skills
  • Previous experience in translation
  • Familiar with the NIHB Medical Transportation Framework Program
  • Knowledge and commitment to the services provided by the Client Services Department
  • Ability to work with people in a public service environment

Roles and Responsibilities:

  • Provide interpreting services and travel assistance to all NIHB prior approved clients while they are at the Sioux Lookout airport by ensuring their needs are met and by explaining procedures to clients who are unfamiliar with air travel
  • Ensure all NIHB prior approved departing clients find the appropriate flight times and airline check in and ensure that their luggage is properly tagged to destination
  • Meet and greet all incoming clients at the airport. Assist those clients who have stopovers at the airport and direct those whose flights end in Sioux Lookout to the appropriate destination
  • Handing out travel/destination contact phone numbers for Winnipeg and Thunder Bay
  • Put client names, prior approval numbers and dispositions of all incoming clients in the Daily Log
  • Act as a liaison for clients that get denied boarding and referring them to the Patient Liaison Services Worker
  • Order as needed and distribute lunches to clients who require a snack or meal at the airport.
  • Coordinate travel arrangements with NIHB, dispatch clerk and get approval for clients’ travel, as necessary
  • Coordinate with the Dispatch Clerk on the client’s ground transportation from the Sioux Lookout airport
  • Record PA# for where the client came from, the clients name and when the client was fed. Send a weekly list to finance department for billing
  • Write up and submit incident reports to appropriate departments
  • Participate and contribute to regular staff development activities and staff meetings
  • Work as a team member with co-workers, SLFNHA staff and other organizations
  • Provide assistance when required and any other duties assigned

Closing Date: Open till filled

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