Telemedicine Program

The Telemedicine Program is a confidential service used within SLFNHA to provide clinical, education, and administrative conferences and sessions.

There are more than 25 communities in the Sioux Lookout area that have video conferencing units in local nursing stations or health centres. With these units, patients and clients can “see” their doctor or specialist without leaving the community.

Video conferencing also serves as a follow-up tool to encourage clients and service workers to engage in a timely fashion.

Video Conference Education Sessions

There are a number of health-related education sessions that are provided to clients and families, as well as employees of SLFNHA.

These sessions are viewed via video conference or an alternate method of webcasting. Most webcasts are archived for future viewing. To attend a video conference, please contact the Telemedicine Coordinator.

Telemedicine Program Services


Tele-Counselling connects the client and their counsellor, based out of SLFNHA’s Nodin Mental Health Services, to have one-on-one consults and counselling sessions.

To find out more about this service, speak with your counsellor, family physician, or contact the Telemedicine Program Coordinator.


Tele-Psychiatry provides consultation with a psychiatrist and allows for case management, recommendations, and follow-ups for children and youth from 0 – 17 years of age.

If a client wishes to see a psychiatrist, speak to a counsellor or family physician to initiate the referral process. Emergency / urgent services are also provided.


Tele-Psychology is offered through the Nodin Mental Health Services contracted psychologist.


For More Information

Ashley Cassidy
Telemedicine Program Coordinator
T: (807) 737-5691
Free: 1 (888) 990-0477
F: (807) 737-8130

55 Queen Street
Sioux Lookout, Ontario