Mobile / Outreach Mental Health Counselling

Nodin CFI has counsellors that travel into First Nations communities to provide individual and family counselling, group work, support, and intervention and case management services.  They hold individual sessions with First Nation children, youth and families who are experiencing social, emotional, behavioural or psychiatric problems in the communities, homes and school settings.  These counsellors see clients who are referred to Nodin’s main office and also work closely with community stakeholders to see people if they require assistance.  Counsellors also are required to help community service providers build capacity to deal with mental health issues. Counsellors are split up to be supervised by four (4) Clinical Supervisors.

Nodin CFI also has one (1) full-time Mental Health Counsellor providing mental health care to students of Pelican Falls First Nation High School (PFFNHS).  As a private, First Nations-controlled and operated school, PFFNHS offers unique and culturally relevant educational services to students from 24 First Nation communities within the Northern Nishnawbe Education Council and the Nishnawbe Aski Nation. Nodin’s counsellor attends the high school on weekdays to offer prevention and intervention strategies that support students. These activities include facilitating individual and group therapy sessions, while collaborating with other service providers.  The Mental Health Counsellor primarily works in conjunction with Northern Nishnawbe Education Council (NNEC) and Pelican Falls Centre (PFC) staff to offer students client-centred care that coincides with their mental health needs.

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