Clinical Dietician-Nutritionist

Deadline: Open
Location: Sioux Lookout, ONCommitment: Full Time

Under the Sioux Lookout Area Primary Care Team (SLAPCT), the Dietician/Nutritionist will work with patients, caregivers and community resources to provide assessment, consultation and development of treatment plans. The Dietician/Nutritionist is a key part of the patient circle of care and will work to their full scope of practice. Responsibilities will include the provision of safe and competent care through the application of professional knowledge; technical aspects of professional practice and the demonstration of compassion, professionalism and respect. The Dietician/Nutritionist will provide assessments, consultation, development of treatment plans and seamless system navigation. The Dietician/Nutritionist will work in both the clinic environment and communities providing home visits and interventions within patients’ homes.

The SLAPCT provides wrap-around services and seamless primary care utilising “teams/pods” that are responsible for a cluster of communities. The pods will travel to those communities on a regular basis to provide collaborative health care.


  • Baccalaureate degree in Foods and Nutrition or an equivalent program from an accredited university
  • Bachelor’s Degree in Applied Nutrition, Home Economics or Human Ecology
  • Registered in good standing as a Member of the College of Dietitians of Ontario
  • Certified Diabetes Educator or College Diabetes Education Certificate or be eligible to write and successfully pass the Certification exam and/or completed College Diabetes Education Certificate
  • Ability to travel to remote locations via various modes of travel – automobile, small air plane travel, etc.
  • 5+ years of experience working as a practicing Dietician is an asset
  • Experience working with First Nations communities is an asset
  • Ability to communicate in one of the First Nations dialects in the Sioux Lookout Zone is an asset
  • Current membership in the Diabetes Educators Section of the Canadian Diabetes Association is an asset


  • Participate in program planning, implementation, and evaluation of nutrition initiatives to address the needs of communities
  • Provision of patient assessments/therapy/counselling, utilising clinical reasoning.
  • Empower and support patients to improve their ability to take on individual responsibility for their own health pathway.
  • Work with other health providers to formulate prognosis and recommend best course of intervention.
  • Provide individualized nutritional treatment plans to develop, maintain, or augment individual health utilising evidence-based treatment modalities. Review and modify programming and treatment as needed.
  • Ensure proper management of client documentation as per college guidelines, Privacy legislation and SLAPCT policies and procedures
  • Provide specialized educational programs and health promotions to assist clients in managing chronic health conditions such as diabetes, hypertension, arthritis.
  • Contributes to development and delivery of workshops in collaboration with the Primary Care Team members related to nutrition needs of clients.
  • Engage in committee work and/or project work, policy development and/or review
  • Identify, prioritize and initiate and or collaborate in continuous quality improvement initiatives, including accurate and comprehensive statistical compilation; and review of clinical processes and procedures
  • Work in a manner that is compliant with SLFNHA practices, policies and procedures including workplace health and safety policies
  • Comply with all applicable legal rules, regulations and procedures
  • Other assigned duties as designated by the Director, Primary Care Team.
  • Follow all policies and procedures to ensure personal safety and safety of others.
  • Report any equipment or safety problems to supervisor.
  • Other duties as assigned