The Anishininiiw Nanandowi’kikendamowin Program supports research and special projects that are relevant, meaningful, and beneficial to First Nations in the Sioux Lookout area. This program helps ensure that research is community-led, reflects traditional values and ways of knowing, and supports health and research priorities of the communities.

Health research can support initiatives to improve health needs in community. Chiefs Resolutions 12-08 and 13-04 mandated SLFNHA to establish a community-directed research unit that could provide communities with sufficient health data and evidence to deliver appropriate, adequate, and proactive health care in communities. In response, SLFNHA established the Anishininiiw Nanandowi’kikendamowin Program in 2021 to ensure that research would be based on community health priorities and values, and could centre traditional practices, culture, and ways of knowing.

The Anishininiiw Nanandowi’kikendamowin Program works in collaboration with First Nations communities, Tribal Councils, First Nations organizations, contract researchers, and academic institutions (universities, colleges, etc.) to promote excellence in First Nations research. Support and oversight is provided by an Advisory Committee comprised of members from Tribal Councils , independent communities, and other special interest groups. Together, the Anishininiiw Nanandowi’kikendamowin Program can address and support projects on various topics, including diabetes, mental health, cancer screening, and others.

For more information please contact:

Ariel Root (she/her)
Anishininiiw Nanandowi’kikendamowin Program Manager
Sioux Lookout First Nations Health Authority
61 Queen St, Sioux Lookout, ON

Phone:  (807) 737-6069
Email: research@slfnha.com

Advisory Committee

This committee provides direction, support, and guidance for the Anishininiiw Nanandowi’kikendamowin program that reflects the direction of the SLFNHA communities.