Health Services

The Health Services Department at SLFNHA oversees many important programs ranging from serious, life threatening diseases like Tuberculosis to studies on baby teeth.  They are committed to offering the finest care possible while catoring to the unique needs of the First Nations people and people in Northern Ontario.

Some of the projects currently running:


TB Control Program

The program's mandate is to reduce the incidence of tuberculosis in Sioux Lookout Zone First Nations Communities through surveillance, case and contact management, education, awareness and prevention.


Telemedicine Program

Offered in 26 communities, the SLFNHA ensures that services like Counselling, Psychiatry and Psychology are available even in the most remote areas.  Telemedicine brings these services using the latest in video conferencing technology.


Anishinabe Health Plan

The AHP identifies a model of holistic, integrated primary health care service delivery for the region.  Our vision is to improve health care for First Nation Communities while staying true to the communities traditional practices.