Administrative Assistant – Preventing Infectious Diseases

Deadline: This posting has expired
Location: Sioux Lookout, ON
Commitment: One-Year Term

The Approaches to Community Wellbeing is a regional resource to 31 First Nations Communities. The Approaches to Community Wellbeing provides expertise, support, services, and programming in public health to the region. The program also supports communities in the development, implementation, and monitoring of their own Approaches to Community Wellbeing. The Healthy Living section of the model includes Preventing Infectious Diseases, which looks at preventing the spread of infectious diseases.


  • Completion of at least one year post-secondary education in Secretarial Arts
  • Work experience and/or education in a health related area is considered an asset
  • Previous office administration experience is considered an asset
  • Must be able to communicate via telephone and in person in both English and Oji-Cree
  • Must have good written and verbal communication skills in order to complete correspondence and respond to requests for information
  • Must be self-motivated and able to work independently
  • Experience and training in cultural competency with First Nations


  1. Plans and co-ordinates the activities of Preventing Infectious Diseases to increase the time available to the Preventing Infectious Diseases Manager and other members of the Preventing Infectious Diseases team for the management and delivery of the program/services.
  2. Co-ordinates the collection and preparation of material for programming
  3. Typed documents include: letters, memorandums, work plans, reports, administrative circulars, internal instructions and confidential correspondence
  4. Make meeting arrangements, prepare agendas and prepares minutes of meetings.
  5. Proofreads and modifies grammar, spelling and punctuation of all documents before submitting for signatures or mailing
  6. Receives, assesses for information from other departments and staff, made by telephone or in person, and/or refers to the most appropriate person
  7. Answers requests for information, made by telephone or in person, from the general public and other community agencies.  Conveys messages to other departments, Preventing Infectious Diseases team members, and outside agencies
  8. Provides receptionist duties for the Preventing Infectious Diseases Manager and Preventing Infectious Diseases team members.  Duties include but not limited to screening of telephone calls, taking and conveying messages, scheduling meetings, maintaining scheduling, and providing general information as required
  9.  Assembles material for education and/or administrative purposes and distributes as required
  10. Orders and maintains an office supplies inventory for the Preventing Infectious Diseases team.
  11.  Maintains the office filing system for Preventing Infectious Diseases
  12. Accesses e-mail for messages or information directed to the Preventing Infectious Diseases Manager, team members and/or self.
  13. Monitors the unit’s schedule to be able to respond to inquiries about staff members availability.
  14. Provides specific unit orientation to new staff members
  15. Designs and produces forms and/or graphs for specific use in relation to the administrative of the project
  16. Inputs data related to Preventing Infectious Diseases services and compiles reports as required by the Preventing Infectious Diseases Manager and/or other team staff
  17. Maintain accountability by working within the program guidelines, by providing regular reports to the Preventing Infectious Diseases Manager and other team members as appropriate
  18. Demonstrate professionalism and accountability by maintaining client and community confidentiality and completing the required documentation
  19. Co-ordinates travel for Preventing Infectious Diseases team members
  20. Cooperates and establishes working relationships with other units of the Approaches to Community Wellbeing.
  21.  Other related duties as directed by the Preventing Infectious Diseases Manager
  22. Provide assistance when required and any other duties assigned